Welcome to The Suthers School

The Suthers School is a brand new, non-selective secondary school serving the community of Newark.

Until we move into our permanent home in Fernwood, Newark, The Suthers School will be located in purpose-built temporary accommodation adjacent to Toot Hill School in Bingham.

To find out more about The Suthers School and the exciting opportunities it can offer your child, please explore our website or get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

“There is something very special about The Suthers School; borne out of growing demand for an additional secondary school in Newark, The Suthers School has at its heart the absolute conviction that young people deserve an education that excites and enthuses and one that prepares them for a successful future as global citizens.

There is no doubt that, as a brand new school, The Suthers School is in an enviable position—able to craft a curriculum that meets the needs of its students and provide an extended school day which guarantees access to a wealth of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.

By striking a balance between challenge and support, The Suthers School promises to deliver a highly academic curriculum and to empower the young people of Newark to do more than they ever thought possible.

I really do hope that you will be able to visit us soon and experience the difference for yourself.”

Andrew Pettit BA (Hons) PGCEHead of School

Latest News and Tweets

  • The Suthers School Uniform

    Details of our uniform rules

    Please find below details of our uniform rules. Please read this carefully to avoid any issues when term starts.

    Girls uniform (Download):

    • School Blazer - School regulation grey blazer, with official school badge (compulsory)
    • School Tie – regulation school tie (red)
    • Skirt or Trousers – black knee length skirt or standard length black trousers (no visible detailing such as contrasting zips or logos permitted. No jeans or skinny/stretch fit trousers are permitted)
    • Shirt – formal white, long sleeves with stiff collar
    • Pullover/Cardigan – Grey V-neck cardigan (optional)
    • Socks/tights – plain black ankle socks or tights or knee-high plain grey socks.
    • Shoes – plain black lace-up or slip-on formal shoes with low heels (no more than 2 inches in height). Please note that boots, trainers, Velcro-fastening, fabric/pump style or sling back shoes are prohibited.
    • Coat – (non-compulsory) – plain dark fabric raincoat, duffel or anorak. A discreet logo is permissible. Coats are generally not to be worn in or around school during the working day. Denim and leather jackets are not permitted.
    • Headscarf (for religious reasons) – plain
    • PE Kit – school regulation kit

    Boys uniform (Download):

    • School Blazer - School regulation grey blazer, with official school badge (compulsory)
    • School Tie – regulation school tie (red)
    • Trousers – plain black
    • Shirt – formal white, long sleeves with stiff collar
    • Jumper – Grey V-neck jumper (optional)
    • Socks – plain black or dark grey
    • Shoes – plain black lace-up or slip-on shoes in a formal style. Please note that boots, fabric/sports/ Velcro-fastening style shoes or trainers are prohibited.
    • Coat – (non-compulsory) – plain dark raincoat, duffel or anorak. A discreet logo is permissible. Coats are generally not to be worn in or around school during the working day. Denim and leather jackets are not permitted.
    • PE Kit – regulation school kit

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  • Suthers School update

    Latest news and update from the Suthers School

    As this term draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to update you on the progress of The Suthers School.

    School Opening News

    We are delighted to be able to announce that we have received confirmation that The Suthers School will be opening in September 2017 pending the completion of the consultation and the funding agreement being signed by the Secretary of State for Education.

    This welcome news is a direct result of the steadfast commitment that parents and carers have offered the project over the last two years. We would also like to thank Robert Jenrick MP who has provided invaluable support throughout this process.

    The school will be opening in temporary accommodation on the Toot Hill school site and work is already well progressed to have that facility up and running by the 1st September.

    School Contact Details

    From today, Jo Braithwaite our new school manager, will be the first point of contact for all parents. She will be moving from our central offices to an office in the Suthers building over the summer and will be available to answer queries etc in the run up to the start of term. Jo's details and the new temporary postal address for the school can be found below:

    Jo Braithwaite (School Manager)

    07701 008064

    The Suthers School, The Suthers Building, The Banks, Bingham, NG13 8BL

    Jo will also be the first contact if you need to speak to teaching staff at the school including the Head of School, Andrew Pettit.

    Building works

    The teaching building is currently on track for completion on the 1st September. Reception for The Suthers School will be located in the reception area of the adjacent Suthers Building. The teaching block will be a secure and safeguarded area with no admission to the public.

    We can confirm that the permanent building is progressing as planned and I will provide an update during the Autumn term.

    Autumn Open Events

    Autumn Open Evenings are now filling up fast. To book you place at an event please use the link below.


    Statutory Consultation

    We are currently undertaking the Statutory Consultation which is an important part of opening a new school. It would be very helpful to the consultation process if parents and carers could find the time to respond to the online questionnaire.

    The form can be found using the link below and the consultation closes on the 25th July.


    Nottingham Free School and NUAST Ofsted

    We are delighted to announce that our sister school, the Nottingham Free School has just received an Ofsted rating of 'Good' with outstanding features. Our other new school, NUAST also received an Ofsted Good with their 6th Form receiving an 'Outstanding' judgement.

    These are remarkable achievements given that both schools are only three years old and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the staff and students.

    It also confirms what an amazing impact the extended school day has on students at both schools. The Nottingham Free School report comments:

    "The extended school day is used very effectively to strengthen pupils’ independence, develop good learning habits and their self-discipline and to consolidate pupils’ learning.

    The extensive and varied enrichment programme makes a strong contribution to pupils’ personal development and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

    The curriculum is enhanced strongly by excellent provision for enrichment. Pupils benefit from opportunities to pursue a wide range of activities, including sports, practical activities and the arts. All pupils can take advantage of these opportunities because they take place during the school’s extended day.

    The extended school day plays a key role in pupils’ strong personal development. All pupils benefit from the wide range of enrichment opportunities and from the supervised private study periods. These sessions enable pupils to consolidate learning well and help them to develop a healthy work ethic. They also ensure that pupils are not disadvantaged by their personal circumstances which may make it more difficult for them to complete work at home."

    Finally may we wish you a restful and enjoyable summer and we look forward to meeting you again in the autumn term.

    Andrew Pettit

    Head of School

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  • Exciting announcement!

    Newark Toot Hill Free School location and name confirmed

    The Nova Education Trust (formally the Torch Academy Gateway Trust) is delighted to announce that the Newark Toot Hill Free School has now secured both a temporary and permanent location for the school.

    This exciting news means that we can now move ahead with our plans to open the school in September 2017 in temporary accommodation, depending on demand.

    New school name

    To coincide with this fantastic news, we are also proud to announce that from the 1st April the school will adopt its official name, The Suthers School.

    Martin Suthers, who passed away in June last year, served as a Nottinghamshire County Council Councillor from 2000 to 2016 and as Lord Mayor of Nottingham in 1988-89. Martin was a passionate advocate of high quality education for all and was instrumental in supporting and developing education provision in the Newark and Bingham areas.

    The new school badge and motto have been designed to reflect Martin’s life and passions.

    The Latin motto: Wisdom Knowledge Fairness

    Book: Knowledge and Martin’s passion for education

    Owl: Wisdom and Martin’s passion as an ornithologist

    Scales: Fairness and Martin’s profession as Solicitor

    Temporary Accommodation

    As mentioned during the Open Events last autumn, the school will open in temporary accommodation for the first 18-24 months. Whilst we would have always preferred to open on the permanent site in Newark, temporary accommodation allows us to open 2 years earlier to meet parental expectations and demand.

    The temporary accommodation will be situated on the Toot Hill School site in Bingham. It will be housed in a building separate from the main school, allowing The Suthers School to work entirely independently of Toot Hill School.

    The building is currently being fully refurbished internally and externally to the very highest standards and should be completed by September.

    Situating the temporary accommodation on the Toot Hill site has many benefits. It allows students to be able to access a full PE curriculum, high quality catering and educational resources that would not be available in a non-educational facility.

    For the first 2 years a comprehensive bus service to the school will be provided free of charge along with a free school uniform in the first year.

    Permanent Accommodation

    We are now able to reveal that the permanent location of The Suthers School will be the Fernwood Business Park, Fernwood, Newark.

    This location has been chosen as it provides secondary education provision in an area of housing and infrastructure growth, whilst complimenting the location of the other secondary providers in Newark.

    Plans for the design and building programme are still to be finalised but it is anticipated that the school will be ready to open around Spring 2019.

    Once we have further details of the design and plans for the building we will share them with parents, carers and students.

    Transition Process

    During the summer term we will undertake a series of transition events which will allow parents, carers and students to find out more about The Suthers School and begin to get to know our staff and other students.

    In early May, we will invite parents, carers and students to an Introduction Event where you will be able to find out more about the transition process, meet key staff and begin to plan for September 2017.

    We will also hold curriculum themed events throughout the summer term which will allow students to form friendships and meet and work with the teaching and pastoral staff.

    Offer of places

    As we are opening in temporary accommodation in the first year, the school will only be able to offer places to 90 students in the first year of entry.

    For the school to progress to a 2017 opening we will need to have between 70 and 90 confirmed students on role by May.

    We will make the first 90 offers of places to parents and carers over the next 24 hours. Places will be allocated based on distance from a grid location on the permanent school site to the front door of the postal address provided in your application. All other applications will be placed on a prioritised waiting list based on the oversubscription criteria described in the admission arrangements.

    Parents and carers who receive an offer will be asked to accept or decline their place through a secure online portal. If a parent declines a place, we will contact the next parent on the waiting list and offer them a school place. We will continue to do this until all places have been confirmed filled or all applicants have been contacted and accepted or declined a school place.

    The deadline for responding to the first round of 90 offers is 12pm on the 19th April.

    If we have not received a response to our initial offer of a school place by that deadline, we will assume that the place has been declined and we will offer it to the next name on the waiting list.

    If we do not have enough confirmed acceptances of places for the school to be viable at a point designated by the DfE, we will notify all parents that opening has been postponed until September 2018. At this moment in time, and given the strong support for the school expressed at the Autumn Open Events, we are very hopeful that The Suthers School will open this year.

    It is strongly advised that parents DO NOT under any circumstances decline the school place offered through the Nottinghamshire County Council admissions scheme until the Free School notifies parents that it is safe to do so.

    Parents can and should hold both their Free School offer and the offer already received through the NCC admissions scheme until later in the summer term without prejudice.

    Applications and acceptance of offers for a place at the Free school will remain strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party until the time we are legally obliged to notify the local authority of projected pupils on role.

    You can find further details of our catchment area and also how we will apply our oversubscription criteria (in the event of more that 90 applicants accepting places at the school) by downloading a copy of the 2017 Admissions Arrangements.

    John Tomasevic, CEO of the Nova Trust commented:

    “I am absolutely delighted to be able to announce that the Suthers School has moved into the next phase of pre-opening. It has been a long wait and parents and students have been exceptionally patient as the months have gone by.

    The Department for Education and the Education Funding Agency have worked hard to secure both temporary and permanent accommodation which has allowed us to provisionally open in 2017.

    We are particular pleased with the location of the permanent accommodation which places the school at the very heart of the growing communities to the south of Newark. With a brand new state-of-the-art building, The Suthers School will compliment the current secondary provision in the town and help to improve secondary education standards for the young people of Newark.”

    Ash Rahman, Executive Head Teacher of Toot Hill School and Newark Academy commented

    “The Suthers School announcement today is great news for everyone involved in education in the Newark area. Working in partnership with other local secondary schools, The Suthers School provides the town with a real opportunity to cement the rapid improvements that are already taking place in Newark Academy. By working together, the Newark Primary and Secondary schools can make a real difference to young peoples lives.”

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  • Update for parents and carers

    School opening and name

    It has been great to meet so many of you over the last couple of months at our Year 6 Open Events. Your attendance and ongoing enthusiasm for the school confirms that Newark wants and needs a new secondary school for its community. We have now received over 150 provisional applications for Year 7, 2017 entry.

    As we have discussed at the Open Events this Autumn, opening in 2017 will be dependent on finding a suitable site for the school and if a new building is required, also locating temporary accommodation until the new facilities are built.

    We are working hard with the Department for Education (DfE) and the Education Funding Agency (EFA) to put in place a plan for 2017 opening but it is important to remember that if a site cannot be found in time, the school may have to defer opening until 2018.

    For this reason, it is vitally important that even if you have applied to the Newark Toot Hill Free School, you also apply for a place at an established school through the Nottinghamshire County Council School Admissions service.More details of how to apply for a school place through Nottinghamshire County Council can be found here.

    We have begun to receive some interesting suggestions for the long term name of the Newark Toot Hill Free School. If you would like to add your suggestion to the list, please contact Stephanie by email with your idea: stbird@torchacademy.co.uk

    Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support. We understand that the whole community is waiting to hear where the school will be located and we will notify everyone the moment we have confirmation. For parents and carers, that will be before the 1st March school place offer day, allowing you to make an informed decision about the school place you select for your child.

    Kind regards,

    John Tomasevic

    CEO Torch Academy Gateway Trust

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  • Applications Open

    Thank you for your continued interest in the Newark Toot Hill Free School. Since we launched applications for the Free School last Thursday we have been delighted with the response from parents with over 60 applications already received through our online system which can be found here: www.newarkfreeschool.co.uk/apply

    Places are also filling up fast for the first of our Year 6 Open Evenings which takes place on the 14th September. These evenings will allow you to find out more information about the Free School, ask any questions you may have and apply for a place. We will be holding further meetings on the 27th September and the 11th October. Each of these events will take place at the Everyday Champions Centre, Newark from 7pm to 8pm.

    To book your seat at an Open Evening or to find out more please visit the website: http://www.newarkfreeschool.co.uk/open.php To book by phone please call 01949863045.

    Unfortunately we do not have any further news regarding the site of the Newark Toot Hill Free School but as soon as we have more information we will contact all prospective parents.

    Finally if you know of any one else that may be interested in these events please pass on this email and spread the word.

    We look forward to meeting you this Autumn.

    John Tomasevic

    CEO Torch Academy Gateway Trust

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  • Important Information for Parents and Carers


    We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been in touch to express their excitement and continued support for the Newark–Toot Hill Free School (Newark Free School). We have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and encouragement this announcement has generated in the wider community and we look forward to sharing each and every development and milestone with you all as we target a September 2017 opening.
    We would like to outline the next stages of the opening process and provide more detailed information regarding applications.


    The nature of opening a Free School means that there are often short periods of intense activity, punctuated by quieter weeks where development is going on behind the scenes. We will try to keep you updated throughout the process through monthly email newsletters, posting weekly stories on our website news feed and more frequent updates via Twitter. We will also be working with the local press to keep the wider community updated.
    If you would like any further questions answered or if you have a general enquiry, please contact our Communications Officer, Stephanie Bird from 10.00am – 4.00pm using our website contact form, email enquiries@newarkfreeschool.co.uk or by telephone on 01949 863045.

    Applications and 'The Golden Ticket'

    This year the closing date for secondary school applications through the Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) process is the 31st October 2016. Other local authorities may have different arrangements.
    Parents and carers who wish to apply for a place at Newark Free School can do so from the 1st September 2016(this is a revised date and supersedes the 1st October date mentioned in initial communications).
    'The Golden Ticket' is the opportunity for parents and carers to apply directly (not through the NCC application process) for a place at the Newark Free School from the 1st September whilst also applying for a place at an established secondary school through the NCC application process.
    First round applications for the Newark Free School will close on Tuesday 31st January 2017 at 5.00pm. If you apply before that date, we will contact you on the 1st March to inform you if you have a place. You can still apply after that date but we cannot guarantee we will be able to confirm the outcome of your application by the 1st March. We many extend the application cut off date at our discretion.
    The direct applications received by Newark Free School will be communicated to NCC after the secondary school places have been allocated at the beginning of March, giving parents the option to send their children to the Free School (if they have secured a place) and whichever school they are allocated through the NCC system.
    This duel track system provides parents and carers with the reassurance that their child will have a school place for September 2017. Once parents and carers have made their final decision they can reject one of the two places on offer.

    School Location

    The location of the school will be decided through consultation with the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and the Newark Free School team. The announcement of the school location can only take place after all commercial contracts have been signed. We anticipate that this information will be available before the final application date of the 31st January, allowing parents to make a more informed decision.
    We can only disclose the location of the school once we have had formal confirmation from the EFA.


    Whilst timelines can change during the development of a school the following should give a general indication of the key milestones in the project.

    • Summer 2016

    During the summer holidays the Department for Education (DfE) and Education Funding Agency (EFA) will meet with representatives of the Torch Academy Gateway Trust (TAGT) to start to plan the finer details of the project and begin the process of looking for a school site.
    This summer will be a relatively quiet period for news and communications. We will continue tweeting over the summer and should any major announcement happen we will notify all registered parents by email and through our website news feed.

    • Autumn 2016

    At the start of the Autumn Term (if not sooner) we will announce the dates of our Year 6 Open Evenings. These events will provide parents and children with the chance to find out more about Newark Free School and meet key members of staff. At these events we will be fully outlining the curriculum model, enrichment opportunities and the wider vision for the school.
    1st September: First round of direct applications to Newark Free School open.
    Dates TBC: Year 6 Open Evenings held.
    31st October: NCC secondary school application deadline.

    • Spring Term 2017

    31st January: First round of direct applications to Newark Free School close.
    1st February: Second round of direct applications to Newark Free School open.
    1st March: NCC and Newark Free School notify parents of place allocation.
    Date TBC: NCC final cut off date for accepting places through NCC.

    • Summer Term 2017

    Date TBC: Induction events for Year 6 students, parents and carers.
    Date TBC: Information event for Year 4 and 5 parents and carers.
    Date TBC: Uniform shop and Year 6 parents and carers meeting.
    30th June: Second round of direct applications to Newark Free School close.

    • Autumn Term 2017

    4th September: Provisional school opening date.

    You can sign up for news updates here: http://www.newarkfreeschool.co.uk/#home-signup
    Finally, can we take this opportunity to thank you once again for your continued support.

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